Three Innovative Video Analytics Solutions to Deploy amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a wrath around the world and put many countries in turmoil. Despite various steps such as lockdown, continuity of only essential services, and others taken by countries, it is essential to curb the infection of coronavirus and ensure safety of people. In the tracking activity and ensuring all essential compliance guidelines are followed, video analytics tools have been of great help. Market players have realized the need to develop advanced tools for determine floor occupancy and density, patient tracking, social distancing and mask compliance, medical goods and services monitoring, and others. These tools have been efficient during the lockdown and post-lockdown to make sure essential guidelines stated by governments are followed.

As lockdown restrictions have been eased off in some of the countries and corporate offices have been opened with minimum number of employees, organizations have implemented essential safety measures with the help of video analytics tools. Infosys, one of the leading IT giants, has deployed video analytics algorithms to track if employees and clients comply with social distancing and mask regulations. The system provides insights on whether mask is detected or sufficient distance between people gathered at one place or walking together is maintained. The market for video analytics has gained a lot of momentum amid the pandemic, and would continue to grow in the next few years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global video analytics market is expected to garner $20.80 billion by 2027. Following are some of the innovative solutions offered by leading market players and startups to ensure safety and compliance across the world.


Staqu Technologies, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based startup, launched Jarvis, its video analytics software, to prevent the infection in restaurants, malls, and other public places. This software utilizes thermal and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to monitor if social distancing regulations are followed along with monitoring body temperature of employee in real-time. The startup partnered with different restaurants and integrated its software with CCTV cameras at the restaurants.

This software ensures that safety and precautionary measures are taken by the staff into kitchens. The real-time analytics would help management to determine if there are violations and take immediate actions. In addition, the live-streaming of processes in kitchen will be displayed to customers to assure hygiene and sanitization standards are met. The software will also track crowd density, mopping and cleaning activities, contact tracing, and mask compliance to enhance safety.


One of the leading video content analytics providers BriefCam launched its platform with a v5.6.1 for curbing the spread of coronavirus and creating a safe environment. It is equipped with advanced features that would help in prevention of spread as organizations reopen amid the pandemic. These features include proximity identification, contact tracing, face mask detection, occupancy controller, and others. In order to determine if social distancing regulations are followed, the platform reviews videos to identify the distance between people for a specific duration of time. Moreover, face recognition and appearance features have been included to find out if the person is in proximity of Covid-19 infected person. Advanced multi-camera pinpoints have been utilized to trace diagnosed people and individuals at risk to follow safety protocols.

The face mask recognition feature enables organizations to determine if people are wearing masks or not in real-time, and notify about violations. Its occupancy controller feature helps organizations in maintaining occupancy requirements as the number of people to be in the building is set. Once the threshold is reached, the system would alert authorities to prevent entry of new people. These robust capabilities would offer insights in real-time and assist authorities in taking appropriate decisions.


Vidooly, a online video analytics firm based in Noida, India launched COVIDSHIELD that offers AI-based analytics solutions to detect violations in Covid-19 preventive measures. A contact free surveillance system offers important insights from the videos taken from CCTV cameras. The system is a combination of various technologies and devices including CCTV cameras, RFID technology, face identification technology, thermal scanners, movement detectors, and mechanized doors. Contact free access control enables contactless entry within an organization or specific areas. The face mask detection feature detects whether people are wearing masks. Social distance detection determines if people maintain the specified distance between them while interacting or walking together. Zone monitoring feature is included in an intelligent integrated video analytics system to track unauthorized movements in specific areas. The solution is useful at different places such as malls, organizations, airports, residential areas, railway stations, manufacturing facilities, and others. 

Innovative technologies and systems for video analytics have made their way as the Covid-19 grips the world. Organizations would implement the solutions in an endeavor to continue business operations while preventing the infection and ensuring safety through real-time monitoring. The time will come when governments of different countries would deploy these systems.