Innovative SCARA Robots to Unlock Great Potential for Various Industries

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Advancements in technology have taken the aura of the industries to another level. And, the SCARA robot is one such advancement, which is highly becoming the talk in the town. SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm which is widely getting implemented in small robotic assembly applications. These robots are attracting the fancies for having a unique configuration to handle a number of material handling operations. 

These robots are primarily established to increase the speed of repeatable tasks such as pick and place tasks from one place to another. SCARA robots operate with rapidity at optional cleanroom requirements. At the same time, SCARA robots are associated with multiple advantages including cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, these robots offer improved quality assurance along with increasing productivity.

Owing to the gains, the industry players are highly investing in order to improve the collective control of robots and promote the experience of their end-users. On the other hand, the demand for collaborative robots is skyrocketing in every industry, which in turn is enthralling the SCARA robot manufacturers to produce robots with heavy payload capacity. Furthermore, industry players are adopting several strategies to promote their services and meet customer demands. Moreover, the field is getting fostered with a number of activities. So, let’s dig into some of the recent happenings in the market. 

Leading manufacturers are highly introducing new and innovative robots in the industry. Kuka, a German robots and solutions manufacturing company has unveiled its KR SCARA jointed-arm robots, a new range of SCARA robots. The robots attract users with its ultra-compact and cost-effective features. Furthermore, the robots with their modernized design and integrated media supply present their abilities in a variety of tasks. 

Other than new products, the launch of updated versions of existing models is another trend highly adopted by the stakeholders. Recently, Epson Robots, a global PC controlled precision factory automation provider, has announced the obtainability of new and improved SCARA robots LS3-B SCARA and LS20-B SCARA. The robots are accompanied by numerous improved features such as battery-less encoder, in-built camera cable, new top-of-arm, easy tools mounting, and lower cable duct profile. Moreover, these robots along with enhanced features also offer cost-effectiveness.

The rapidity of advancements is leading to growing the demand for SCARA robots by-product manufacturing companies. According to a report published, the global  SCARA robot market is anticipated to generate $14.78 billion supported with a CAGR of 9.8% from 2019 to 2026. The rapid changes in associated with factors including disposable income, wireless technology, consumer preference, technologies, and others are driving into constant improvement in qualifications and features of SCARA robots.

At the same time, the trends such as an increase in requirement for mass production of SCARA robots associated with low operational cost and rise in adoption of industry 4.0 is further propelling the growth of the industry. On the other hand, the growing demand for IoT-based smart solutions and automation in numerous industries for reliable and mass productions is another factor augmenting the progress of the market.

Moreover, the upsurge in application areas of collaborative robots and increasing investments for further advancements are ushering a plethora of opportunities for the market players. The factors such as advancements in robots and researches for integrating innovative features are leading the industry to attract more customers. Nevertheless, the strategies and new trends followed by the market players are expected to provide exponential growth to the industry in the near future.