New wave of smart speakers makes its way with innovative features

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As tech giants foray into different verticals to showcase their technological prowess, smart speakers are making their way with innovative features. The most notable features are two speakers reproducing sound in sync and ability to switch between two voice assistants equipped in a device. Industry players have been utilizing advanced technologies to lure more users and offer features to make them experience something that they have not experienced before. Moreover, one of the new devices can determine the voice of a child. As it detects child’s voice, it can change interface and curate content accordingly.

Determining the flood of new smart speakers hitting the shelves, Google has offered some of the compatible features for voice assistants. These features include voice matching, adjusting hotword sensitivity, and selection of default speaker. The voice matching would recognize the voice of user and offer personalized experience. A single speaker can offer personalized experience for up to six users at a time. The hotword sensitivity feature can switch on Google Assistant with a specific responsiveness.

Moreover, if there are more than one speaker in the home, the selection of default speaker feature enables users to set a default speaker. The demand for smart speakers will increase in the coming years as demand for innovative features that offer flexibility and convenience increases among users. According to the report published by AMR, the global smart speaker market is expected to generate $23.31 billion by 2025.

Following are some of the activities taking place across the world:

The launch of new products has become a recent trend and they are equipped with innovative features. The leading technology company Xiaomi launched its new smart speaker Redmi Touch Screen Speaker 8. It is equipped with an 8-inch display that can offer viewing angle of nearly 178 degrees. This speaker has a camera that enables people to carry out video calls through smart watches, smartphones, and other supported smart devices. The speakers will stream video and audio content from various content platforms from China.

Moreover, it can curate specific content for kids from different platforms.  The company also installed XiaoAI voice assistant. Along with identifying voices of family members, it determines the voice of children and changes the interface.

Riding on the trend of launching new devices, another Chinese tech giant revealed its new speaker. Huawei launche introduced its wireless smart speaker Sound X. The company joined hands with a French tech firm Devialet for development of this device. The cylindrical-shaped speaker is equipped with dual woofers and Push-Push acoustic design. The subwoofers are capable of delivering sound of nearly 93dB.

Latest Product Launch and Developments:

Moreover, six full range drivers provide 360-degree sound effects. For a better listening experience, users can connect two Sound X speakers together. Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology has been introduced in the speakers for reproducing sound signals in sync. The splash-proof and dust-proof designs would enhance lifespan of the device.

The German tech firm also claimed its stake in the smart speaker sector with the launch of new speakers. Deutsche Telekom released its Smart Speaker Mini. This is a smaller and cost-effective version of the first smart speaker of the firm. It can integrate with smart devices of the company along with making phone calls, playing music upon voice requests, and acting as a remote control for television sets.

One of the striking features of the newly launched device is two smart assistants. It is equipped with company’s own Magneta smart assistant along with Amazon’s Alexa. Users can switch between them and utilize them in parallel. The German company offers this device in lower cost as compared to its previous version. Moreover, it is offering it on a lease to raise interest among people.